Holden beach nc vs ocean isle nc

Hi friends!! Hope you are having a great Saturday  so far. My week has gone by fast.

I am going to share with you all about two places that I have been to on vacation. One of them is holden beach nc. I went there one year for christmas break. I thought ok new place new adventures. That was not the case. It was very boring nothing historic, no fun shops to go in except 30 min away at a place in calabash nc. There is a wine shop but thats in north myrtle beach. It is called duplin winery. Its a nice place but i dont drink much but they also have things like clothes and handbags in the winery shop. Basically all you have is the beach and souvenir shops. I would recommend it if your just wanting to go to the beach and that’s it.

Ocean Isle is another one I went to during christmas break. I hate to say it it is the same thing as Holden beach. Not that great!! Just a place to go to the beach. 

On to other things!!!😊😊😊

It is cold and it is suppose to rain AGAIN!!! The rain is getting on my nerves!! 

It’s almost mothers day!! What are your plans to do with your mom? I don’t know what I am going to do for my mom yet. But whatever it is I hope she likes it

Rainbow unicorn mug is still in the works…maybe lol

Thank you all for the likes,follows and visitors 

See you all tomorrow!!!


Charleston S.C and why you must go!!

Hello loves and friends!! Well its almost another week gone by. It sometimes feels like it is just Monday.

Traveling is a big thing to me. I love to get out and explore the world. But there is one place I love the most. It is charleston sc. I have been going to this place almost every year since I was a little girl. It is rich in history. I mean there is history around every corner of this town. And they have the cutest little shops to go in. And museums oh my gosh it seems like there is a museum around every corner also. I have also read that blackbeard ported there before he went to the Caribbean. There is a lot of walking to do. On one street there is a key store if you look down there is keys embedded in the concrete. 

There is a place I go to also. It is called the market. Oh friends you need to go to this place. There is the old part where locals bring there crafts to sell,from baskets to rice and lots more. And there is the new part where they sell anything from books to chocolate. 

There is a place also called the battery. And there is a beautiful gazebo where there are weddings and where you can just walk around and look at the beautiful trees.

I remember one time we were downtown and they had a cruise ship at Port and all of a sudden I hear this really loud horn go off. It scared the crud out of me. It was the cruise ship leaving port. Lol!!

There are a lot and I mean a lot of restaurants from BBQ to seafood. I haven’t been to many of the restaurants but there is one called hymans seafood. Be prepared to wait because this place is very popular. I have seen plates on the walls that have famous people’s autographs on them. The food is very good.

I don’t want to say anymore because you have to go and see this place for yourself.

It is raining and getting cold. 

I will see you all tomorrow!!!😊😊😊

I need HELP!!!

Hey guys!! How are you all? I am doing ok. It’s dreaded Monday. I can’t stand Mondays unless I am off. Which I won’t be until the 29th. 

Oh my gosh it’s May already. That means in 16 days I will be 40 and in 20 days will be my fatastic,awesome,wonderful party. Unless nobody comes. All those invitation put out and only a few have responded!!! REALLY!! They will probably wait until the last minute to tell mom there coming. Thats aggravating!!

Anyways I need help!! I look at all these elaborate blogs and think how in the world do they get that. I am on the premium plan for the blog. But do 

I need to change the theme? Do I need more widgets? Ugh I need to buy the book wordpress for dummies!!! Lol!! 

I will be doing some reviews soon. I just haven’t been motivated to do so. Lol!!

The sun is shining right now. But it was raining hard. 

I swear I am not under a zombie apocalypse I am under a dang locust apocalypse those freaking things are everywhere!!!

Look at the ground it’s full of locust carcasses!! I want them to go away!!

I am going to go!! Take care and I will see you all tomorrow!!!

Subscription boxes I can’t stand

Good afternoon friends!! Hope you all are doing well!! I am doing well

Today I am going to talk about the subscription boxes that I don’t like or can’t stand. I know some of you like these and I understand that. These are just my opinion. Most of these I have tried myself.

1 Ipsy really don’t like this subscription box because all you get is 5 samples. I like samples but not for 10. I would rather get them free

2 Walmart beauty box. I can’t stand this one because I can just go to walmart and get the full sized version of the stuff that’s sent in the box.

3 eternally in amber. I tried this and really didn’t like it because you got only a sample of whatever hair care they gave you. Plus the hair beret or headband looked cheap. Not a good one.

4 Bookish box. I didn’t like this because I wasn’t thrilled with what I got. Plus you pay extra for the book.

5 Pusheen box.  I really liked this subscription box, what I couldn’t stand was the price of it. It was way to expensive for such cuteness.

6 Fabfitfun not a good one either. Another one that’s way to expensive for what you get.

That’s all I can think of for now!!😊

I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!!

Went to a party!!

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are doing well!! I am so glad today is Saturday.I didn’t have to get up early got up when I wanted to.😊😊

Today me and mom went to our vets new office. It’s really nice inside but I took a picture of the outside because there were so many people inside. Here it is!!

We will be taking, brandy,sadie,and bailey here. They had food which I didn’t want because I had just ate breakfast before we got there. They also had a band which was kind of good but not so much

There wasn’t very much dogs there. I thought there might be but there were only a few. I enjoyed it a lot.

The rain has stopped but there is more coming of course. We are getting locust this year. I don’t understand it since we have had so much rain.

 We (me,mom,and dad) went out to eat with moms cousin. I had forgotten that it was one of the local schools prom night. I never went to the prom. No one ever asked me to the prom so I never went. Even if I was in school now I probably wouldn’t go. 

So that’s all that went on today!!

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors 

See you all tomorrow!!

Gonna need to find me a boat

Hello everyone!! Hope you all are doing well!! It’s almost Friday!!! I am so happy!!

You all I need to find me a boat because yet again it’s raining. Good grief!!! I am tired of all this freaking rain. I sure hope it doesn’t do this at my birthday party!! I will be ticked!! 

I have reviews coming up!!! Happy happy, joy joy( I love ren and stimpy)

It’s almost May!!! Wow it feels like it is just January.

I still haven’t gotten my rainbow unicorn mug. I know, I know. I have been neglecting it!!! Lol!! And I still haven’t got my pilows that I showed you all. I found some on the walmart website. I might get them from there.

I am looking outside and I see a redheaded woodpecker eating worms from the ground.

I was getting ready to go out my door this morning and I saw a squirrel on my porch with this dumb founded look on its face( like I am afraid this person is going to attack me) but then it quickly left.

Sorry this is a short boring one. 

Thanks for the followers and the visitors 

See you all tomorrow!!!

Little known things about me

Good afternoon friends!! Hope you all are doing well!! My day has been good so far.

I am going to tell you all about little things people know or dont know about me.

I use to be a ballerina 

I sprained my ankle at a place I applied at. This one was really stupid. I had my legs crossed one of them fell asleep. I got up not realizing I should have waited until my leg went back to normal. I was dragging it behind me heard a snap. The place was secure so I had to wait until someone came out. They had to go get my mom who was waiting outside in the car. Real fun that one.

I at the age of 35 got shingles ( if you don’t know what that is look it up). This is the scar it left behind.

I have had whopping cough. Not a good thing to have it almost killed me.

I have been bullied. It’s not fun when people laugh at you or your the last one to be picked.

All of my grandparents are gone. 

That’s about it I think.

The weather is sunny and pretty. May go out later and take some pictures.

Thank you all for your likes, follows,and visits!!!

I can’t think sometimes

Good morning friends!! Hope you all are doing well. It’s almost hump day and I am glad.

I am in a slump. And I can’t stand it. I don’t have any reviews right now,no happy things to talk about. I can’t go outside to show you all the pretty back yard we have, and I can’t think of anything that would get anybody interested in what I am saying. Maybe it’s because I run out of things to say. I don’t know!! Ugh!! 

What things would you like to see

More reviews on things 

More about me 

More about what’s going on in my world

Give me some ideas on what you would like to see

I will see you all tomorrow!!!😊😊😊

Earth fare little haul

Hello my friends!! Hope you are doing well. It’s almost Friday thank goodness it’s been a long week (at least it has been for me). 

Today I have a little haul from a local store called earth fare. I love earth fare but they are expensive thats why I got only a few things.

Here they are.

First is the island mango fruit snacks. They taste yummy.

Second is the peanut butter why in the world did I get peanut butter. I don’t know. Lol!!

Third is the curl shampoo and curl beauty balm. I have tried both on my hair and like it. It’s not like Garnier which made my hair look greasy.

And fourth is matcha green tea powder. I have not tried this yet because I am afraid of what it might taste like. Have you all tried matcha? Is it bitter? Do you have to put sweetener in it?

We have some doggy friends coming to our house tomorrow and they will be spending a week. Bailey will be so happy. Bailey is my mom and dad’s dog. She is one year old.

She is a sweetie sometimes!! Lol!!!

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors.

See you all tomorrow 

Sweet suds by April part deu

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a good weekend!! 

Today I am doing a part 2 review of sweet suds by april. She has 2 shops on etsy. Yes 2!! I have bought from one of her shops before and have bought again from it. Here is what I got

First off is the cookie crumble bath salts. It smells yummy like a cookie!!😊

Second is strawberry buttercream body lotion. Oh my gosh it smells like strawberry frosting!!😊

Next is the vanilla buttercream body lotion. This deserves another yummy it smells like the body lotion I showed you all in a previous blog.

Next is the confetti birthday cake icing body lotion!! It smells so good!!

Last is the fairy dust sweet and soothing bath salts. Heavenly!!!

The one without a label is a chocolate chip cookie crumble!! Oh law a mercy its good. Lol!!

 I have 2 more soap things coming up!! Happy,Happy, Happy.

Today’s weather was sunny then it started raining. I think it’s suppose to rain all week. 

Mom wants to go get the new puppy and I keep telling her that she can’t go get it because it is still with the mom.

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors. See ya tomorrow!!