Weird guy at work!! And random things 

Good afternoon to you all!! Hope you are doing well!! I am doing good. It is FRIDAY and I get Monday off. Yippeee!!

Yes I have a problem I have a guy at work that likes me….but I don’t like him. he is a janitor fat,and butt ugly and he is older than me. HE IS IN HIS MID 50’s I try to avoid him any way I can. But when I can’t he stares at me and says hello but I don’t say anything to him. And he tries to get my attention by coughing when he is alone he don’t do it and when the other ladies are around he don’t do it. So it just must be me. I am done with men. I am tired of men looking at me as a freaking sex object. I don’t dress provocative at all. I wear a dang uniform!! It gets on my nerves!! 

Anyways after June 12th I will be out of that place. Hopefully permanent. 

Sadie ( moms dog) is so cute!! Although she is small she can go up the stairs by herself. She has a problem going down them though. She likes to get into mischief a lot. She has potied in the house a few times. But not a lot.

Bailey (mom and dad’s dog) likes to eat the locust that are in the yard. This morning she had one in her mouth that was still alive and it kept buzzing in her mouth and she couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from. It was funny.

Me and mom are going clothes  shopping on Monday. We haven’t been shopping in a long time. 

My dang phone is still messed up. I am going to best buy tomorrow to get it fixed or I am getting moms old phone.

The weather was cold most of the week until today. It was sunny and warm. Thank goodness!!!

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors 

See ya later!!


Sweet suds by April part deu

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a good weekend!! 

Today I am doing a part 2 review of sweet suds by april. She has 2 shops on etsy. Yes 2!! I have bought from one of her shops before and have bought again from it. Here is what I got

First off is the cookie crumble bath salts. It smells yummy like a cookie!!😊

Second is strawberry buttercream body lotion. Oh my gosh it smells like strawberry frosting!!😊

Next is the vanilla buttercream body lotion. This deserves another yummy it smells like the body lotion I showed you all in a previous blog.

Next is the confetti birthday cake icing body lotion!! It smells so good!!

Last is the fairy dust sweet and soothing bath salts. Heavenly!!!

The one without a label is a chocolate chip cookie crumble!! Oh law a mercy its good. Lol!!

 I have 2 more soap things coming up!! Happy,Happy, Happy.

Today’s weather was sunny then it started raining. I think it’s suppose to rain all week. 

Mom wants to go get the new puppy and I keep telling her that she can’t go get it because it is still with the mom.

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors. See ya tomorrow!!