Today is a good day and a sad day

Good afternoon friends!! Hope you all are doing well. I am doing ok except I almost nocked myself silly. Trying to hurry and do stuff is not a good thing to do.

Anyway today I woke up at 7 something which is unusual for me because I am up at the crack of dawn which is 6 in the morning. I ate breakfast,then me and mom went to best buy. I asked one of the sales representative if they could help me with my phone. They said oh you can do the switch over online!! Good grief so now mom has done some things and hopefully I can have her old phone. We also went to office max and I got coloring markers, smelly coloring pencils, and glitter glue ( it is for a glitter mason jar). 

Dad is going to get more chickens on Monday. I won’t tell you what he did with the ones we had. It’s just to sad. I even had names for them.😢

It’s suppose to storm tonight. Yippee!!

Bailey got sick on eating to many locust!! Oh it was a mess!!

My dog brandy is staring at me!! Let me tell ya the dog is either staring at me or whining one or the other. Lol!!

Most of my post are short and I am sorry. I don’t want to bore you all to much. Lol!!

See you all tomorrow!!


Things I can not stand

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are doing well. I am doing ok.

Today I am going to talk about things I can’t stand maybe you can relate to some of these as well.

I am allergic to stupid people. I deal with a lot of stupidity at work and I can’t stand it. Please use your brain it would be better that way.

People that want to get in front of you and drive slow. Do you not know the speed limit. I can’t stand it.

People that want to follow me on instagram that have private or no accounts. I can’t stand it. Make ya dang account public please!! 

Drama queens!!! I can’t stand it!!! Get a life and quit the drama!!

Racism. I can’t stand it!!

People that think there better than you!! Can’t stand it!!

Stupid commercials can’t stand it!!

That’s all I can think of right now!! Lol

I don’t know when in the heck I am going to get my cell phone fixed so I can take pictures instead if this boring you all. Lol

Thank you for the likes, follows, and visitors 

See you all again soon!!!😊😊😊

My favorite and least favorite stores

Good afternoon friends!! Hope you all are doing good. I am glad it is friday!!

Today I am going to share my favorite stores

Barnes and Noble: oh my gosh I could spend hours and hours in this book store just let me camp out here and I will be alright.

Dollar General: oh this store gets me in trouble big time!! I bought a few things for a lady I work with for her birthday plus I only got a few things for myself. I only paid 20 something dollars!!! Love it when I don’t have to spend a whole lot of money.

Claire’s: I haven’t been in a Claire’s in a long time but when I did I loved it.

Bath and body works: I am a bath and body addict. I have a few of the spring and summer lotions but my most favorite is the fall and winter lotions. 

Publix: I know this is an out of the ordinary stores. But I love this grocery store. Everyone seems nice and helpful.

Wal mart: I love wal mart because they have some cute clothes. Plus they have a craft section which I most of the time get in trouble with. Lol

Least favorite stores

Charmin Charlies: when it first started it was a really cool place to go into. Now all I look at is phone cases and a few other things

Kmart: kmart has gotten where it’s not a popular place to shop anymore.  Most of our stores have closed here because they weren’t getting enough business.

I think that’s it for now!!

Tomorrow is my birthday party!! I will have lots to talk about then. Lol

Sadie is sleeping on my legs. She is such a cutie pie. But she has those little sharp teeth that hurt. 

June 12th is my last day of work. Don’t know if I will be going back in August. Just so many things go on in that place that you can’t speak about. I will just leave it at that.

I am so thankful for you all. It means a lot to me!! 

See you all tomorrow!!