The waiting game seriously Sucks!!!

Good evening friends!! Hope you all are doing good!!

As I  have told you all in my previous post I applied for a hostess job at pf changs. I put the application in on June 10th I did a survey thing on the 15th. I still have not heard from them. I looked on the website and it says in process what tha heck does that mean??? If your so dang desperate why haven’t you called yet? It is aggravating and it’s the only job that I didn’t have to put a bunch of job references down. Not that I haven’t been a bad employee it’s just so time consuming when you have to find how long you have been at a job and the pay rate and this and that and the other. Ugh!!! 

I guess I will keep on waiting!!

Me and a friend went shopping last Thursday. I went in barnes and noble. You don’t get me in a bookstore and expect me to go out of that store without buying some books. Here is what I got.

The Zombie survival guide (guess I have been watching to much walking dead) lol

WordPress for dummies (finally got)

Dorothy must die


My favorite things

Library of souls 

We have our friends dogs over for a week. It’s been frustrating at times. But me and mom get it done!!

I need to paint my nails. I have been off a week and haven’t done it yet. Yes I am a procrastinator!!! Lol!!!

Sadie is doing better as far as the potty thing goes. Mom is taking her out on a leash and that seems to help.

We have been getting rain almost every afternoon lately. But it hasn’t rained today… at least not yet!!! Lol!!!

I might color tomorrow I haven’t done that in awhile. 

That’s all for today!! Much love!!


Good morning!!

Hello everyone!! I hope you all are doing well. I am doing ok ๐Ÿ˜Š

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday!! She turned 58. I had to go to work on her birthday so I wish I could have spent more time with her. But that’s the way it goes. I will be off for my dad’s though because his is not until June 27th. We went out to eat at olive garden last night. Mom invited some of her friends and she got a bunch of great gifts. Here is what she got

A salad bowl with grapes on it ( my mom is a grape fanatic)

Gift card to PF Changs 

Gel pens to color with

A coloring book

A glass cup with a schnauzer on it

A journal

And a book

Here is a picture of me and her

 We were at a fourth of July get together. I love this woman a lot!!

On to other things

I am sorry I have been neglecting my blogging for a couple of days. It’s been a crazy week at work and by the time I get home I am exhausted. I only have 6 more working days until I am out for summer break!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Sadie has grown a little and she has gained 3 pounds. I need to take pictures of the cute little nugget and show you all.

The weather is warm and sunny!!! It is 84 degrees

That’s all the news for now!!

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors 

Why I like summer break!!

Hello everyone!! Hope you all are doing well!! 

Here is why I like summer break!!

I get to paint my nails. Being in a public school cafeteria we aren’t allowed to have painted nails ( health regulations)!!

Sleeping late: very rare that I sleep late. Like I said in my last post I am up at the crack of dawn.

Being with my mom: I don’t get to spend much time with her when I am working but it’s coming soon.๐Ÿ˜Š 

I don’t have to wear a dang uniform!!

I get to do whatever I want!! Color, read, stay up late,etc

Wear what I want!!

Watch movies!!

Go shopping!!

That’s all I can think about right now!!

Remember I told you all Saturday that me and mom went to best buy and they said for us to go online to switch phones ( I am using my mom’s old phone and wanted to switch my phone number to her old phone) ok we come home and try it, it doesn’t work. So we go to the cellular place and they said oh we can help you with that. Best buy didn’t want to take the time to help me switch my phone number over. I won’t be going back to them for any cellular help.

We also went to walmart and I got some clothes and a cute pocket book. WALMART HAUL COMING SOON.๐Ÿ˜Š 

I am so ready to get out of that dang school!! My last day is June 12th.

Sadie has been trying to eat locust like bailey is!! Oh good grief

My dog (brandy) has been mean to her. Yes brandy is getting older but good grief play with sadie!!

It has been nice and warm here. It got up to 83degrees today.

I am not going to be doing much reviews for awhile. During summer I don’t make any money so I will be starting again mid September or October. Unless I get another job lol!!

Thank you for the likes, follows, and visitors 

Weird guy at work!! And random thingsย 

Good afternoon to you all!! Hope you are doing well!! I am doing good. It is FRIDAY and I get Monday off. Yippeee!!

Yes I have a problem I have a guy at work that likes me….but I don’t like him. he is a janitor fat,and butt ugly and he is older than me. HE IS IN HIS MID 50’s I try to avoid him any way I can. But when I can’t he stares at me and says hello but I don’t say anything to him. And he tries to get my attention by coughing when he is alone he don’t do it and when the other ladies are around he don’t do it. So it just must be me. I am done with men. I am tired of men looking at me as a freaking sex object. I don’t dress provocative at all. I wear a dang uniform!! It gets on my nerves!! 

Anyways after June 12th I will be out of that place. Hopefully permanent. 

Sadie ( moms dog) is so cute!! Although she is small she can go up the stairs by herself. She has a problem going down them though. She likes to get into mischief a lot. She has potied in the house a few times. But not a lot.

Bailey (mom and dad’s dog) likes to eat the locust that are in the yard. This morning she had one in her mouth that was still alive and it kept buzzing in her mouth and she couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from. It was funny.

Me and mom are going clothes  shopping on Monday. We haven’t been shopping in a long time. 

My dang phone is still messed up. I am going to best buy tomorrow to get it fixed or I am getting moms old phone.

The weather was cold most of the week until today. It was sunny and warm. Thank goodness!!!

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors 

See ya later!!

Birthday part 2

Hi everyone!!! Hope you all are having a great day so far. Mine has been good. I have been sneezing up a storm. Allergies kicking in.

Saturday I had my birthday party. It was so much fun. I don’t have pictures because my dang phone has been acting up since I updated it. Why I don’t know!! Lol!!

Anyways we went to a lake,all my friends and family came. We had pizza from papa johns.One was pepperoni, next was just cheese and the last one was vegetables and chicken. We ate,and then we had cake. The cake was from publix it was so yummy. Then I opened presents. Here is what I got

A gift card to PF Changs 

A gift card to walmart 

A gift card to multiple restaurants 

A gift card to barnes and noble

A gift card to tj max

81 dollars

A hippie looking top


A tote bag and beach towel

A gift card to dollar general 

Bath and body set ( body lotion,shower gel,and body mist)

That was it plus the things I got on my birthday.

I really enjoyed my birthday. Turning 40 wasn’t so bad after all.

Sadie is so cute she was trying to go up and down the stairs yesterday and she kept barking and whining but she got the hang of it.

It rained yesterday and it looks like it is going to rain today.

Thank you all for the likes,visits and follows

See you tomorrow!!!

My favorite and least favorite stores

Good afternoon friends!! Hope you all are doing good. I am glad it is friday!!

Today I am going to share my favorite stores

Barnes and Noble: oh my gosh I could spend hours and hours in this book store just let me camp out here and I will be alright.

Dollar General: oh this store gets me in trouble big time!! I bought a few things for a lady I work with for her birthday plus I only got a few things for myself. I only paid 20 something dollars!!! Love it when I don’t have to spend a whole lot of money.

Claire’s: I haven’t been in a Claire’s in a long time but when I did I loved it.

Bath and body works: I am a bath and body addict. I have a few of the spring and summer lotions but my most favorite is the fall and winter lotions. 

Publix: I know this is an out of the ordinary stores. But I love this grocery store. Everyone seems nice and helpful.

Wal mart: I love wal mart because they have some cute clothes. Plus they have a craft section which I most of the time get in trouble with. Lol

Least favorite stores

Charmin Charlies: when it first started it was a really cool place to go into. Now all I look at is phone cases and a few other things

Kmart: kmart has gotten where it’s not a popular place to shop anymore.  Most of our stores have closed here because they weren’t getting enough business.

I think that’s it for now!!

Tomorrow is my birthday party!! I will have lots to talk about then. Lol

Sadie is sleeping on my legs. She is such a cutie pie. But she has those little sharp teeth that hurt. 

June 12th is my last day of work. Don’t know if I will be going back in August. Just so many things go on in that place that you can’t speak about. I will just leave it at that.

I am so thankful for you all. It means a lot to me!! 

See you all tomorrow!!

Random things

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are doing well. I am doing ok. Having the Sunday blues because it’s raining and no sun!!

We have our visiting dogs with us and they are so much fun. I only have a picture of of one of them with bailey. The other one I haven’t got a picture of yet.

Her name is millie and she is baileys sister. She was the runt in the family. Sorry for moms leg being in the way and she is drinking her smoothie.

Millie is the one on the right. She is a real sweetie!! Here is another picture!!

They are constantly playing if they aren’t we think somethings wrong with them or they are asleep. Lol!! We get the new puppy in 20 more days I can’t wait. Once we get her then we will have 5 dogs in the house when we have to doggie sit!!

This is mugsy!! He is old and can’t see or hear very well. But he is a real sweetie also

I went to Kmart today and was looking around at some clothes. I am telling you all it looked like a bunch of older people’s clothes ( no offense to any of my older followers) I did find a top that is (to me boho looking) I will have to wear it for you all to see what it looks like. I did find some cool looking pillows.

Oh my gosh I about had a fit. The only problem was I didn’t have my card with me. If I had had it I would have gotten me a few.

It is 48 degrees and rainy I can’t believe it turned cold again. It will get warm again 

I can’t believe it is almost May!! Time flies

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors 

See you all tomorrow!!