Bookish box review

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are having a good Wednesday!! It’s almost the weekend.😃😃😃

Today I am doing a bookish box review. I didn’t get the subscription that has the book with it. But I do get some pretty cool things. Here they are

#1 I got a large pouch and I really didnt like it because it’s not my type of thing.

#2 I got a bracelet that I really like.

#3 I got bath salts that I am in love with because it smells yummy plus it is named unicorn poo. How cool is that!!

#4 is a pin that says read diverse. I think it is pretty cool.

The subscription without the book and the shirt is 18.99

I got my Burts bees moisturizer in the mail today!!! Yippee!!

I want to thank you all so much for your follows, likes,and visitors it really means a lot to me.

I will see you all tomorrow!!!