Random things

Good afternoon friends!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! I am doing good. I am out for summer break!!!😊😊😊

Yesterday I started cleaning house. No I don’t like to clean but it must be done. I have also done some things in my bedroom. I will have to show you all when I am finished with it. I hate before and after pictures. It’s like why show someone a mess.

I applied to be a hostess at pf changs on Tuesday. I hope I get it!!! To tired of working at a lame job with stupid people.

Father’s day is coming up!! I asked my dad what he wanted for father’s day and his birthday he said socks and underwear. Lol!! If that’s what he wants then I will get them.

Mom is having a hard time training sadie to potty outside. Yes she does potty outside but sometime she doesn’t. She didnt have this much trouble potty training bailey. Any idea as to why she is doing this? 

We have been getting afternoon thunderstorms. I use to be afraid of thunderstorms. I will have to tell you all the story as to why I was afraid of them later because it is kind of long.

Has anybody gone to see any great movies lately? I want to go see pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales.

The locust have finally gone. There are a few left though and bailey keeps eating them.

That’s all for now!! See ya all later!!!


Author: stacysbeautyandfunblog

once you get to know me either you will love me or hate me

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