Things I can not stand

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are doing well. I am doing ok.

Today I am going to talk about things I can’t stand maybe you can relate to some of these as well.

I am allergic to stupid people. I deal with a lot of stupidity at work and I can’t stand it. Please use your brain it would be better that way.

People that want to get in front of you and drive slow. Do you not know the speed limit. I can’t stand it.

People that want to follow me on instagram that have private or no accounts. I can’t stand it. Make ya dang account public please!! 

Drama queens!!! I can’t stand it!!! Get a life and quit the drama!!

Racism. I can’t stand it!!

People that think there better than you!! Can’t stand it!!

Stupid commercials can’t stand it!!

That’s all I can think of right now!! Lol

I don’t know when in the heck I am going to get my cell phone fixed so I can take pictures instead if this boring you all. Lol

Thank you for the likes, follows, and visitors 

See you all again soon!!!😊😊😊


Author: stacysbeautyandfunblog

once you get to know me either you will love me or hate me

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