Why I started blogging!!

Good afternoon friends!! Hope your Wednesday  is good so far.

Why did I start blogging. Not for stats, or followers .I wanted to start blogging because it takes away my stress (believe me where I work is stressful) and because I want to help people out.whether it be from my reviews or just talking about things in life. It helps me also in my writing skills also ( not that it matters) lol!! So that’s why I started blogging.

I haven’t been on for a couple of days because my head has been aggravating me. Don’t know if it is allergies or just the weather that keeps changing. Don’t know!!

We had a stray dog around the house on Monday she looked bad. Our next door neighbor (which is an idiot) I won’t get into why he is that way but anyways he has hunting dogs and we think she got loose and came over here. She wasn’t friendly and would not come to you. She was limping so she must have got hurt somehow mom gave her some water and some food. But she didn’t touch it. We did not see her at all yesterday so we think she went on to somewhere else. 

I hope we go get the puppy Saturday. She has grown so much since the first pictures I took of her. The lady put up a updated picture of her on her website a few weeks ago. 

Isn’t she cute!! Oh my gosh I can’t wait to see her.

The weather is finally warm. And it’s not raining!!

Thanks for your follows, likes, and visitors 

See you tomorrow!!


Author: stacysbeautyandfunblog

once you get to know me either you will love me or hate me

One thought on “Why I started blogging!!”

  1. I am totally with you, writing a blog is a great way to de-stress. I imagine cuddling a new puppy will have similar properties. The puppy is so cute! Thank you for brightening my day with his little fuzzy face πŸ™‚


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