Charleston S.C and why you must go!!

Hello loves and friends!! Well its almost another week gone by. It sometimes feels like it is just Monday.

Traveling is a big thing to me. I love to get out and explore the world. But there is one place I love the most. It is charleston sc. I have been going to this place almost every year since I was a little girl. It is rich in history. I mean there is history around every corner of this town. And they have the cutest little shops to go in. And museums oh my gosh it seems like there is a museum around every corner also. I have also read that blackbeard ported there before he went to the Caribbean. There is a lot of walking to do. On one street there is a key store if you look down there is keys embedded in the concrete. 

There is a place I go to also. It is called the market. Oh friends you need to go to this place. There is the old part where locals bring there crafts to sell,from baskets to rice and lots more. And there is the new part where they sell anything from books to chocolate. 

There is a place also called the battery. And there is a beautiful gazebo where there are weddings and where you can just walk around and look at the beautiful trees.

I remember one time we were downtown and they had a cruise ship at Port and all of a sudden I hear this really loud horn go off. It scared the crud out of me. It was the cruise ship leaving port. Lol!!

There are a lot and I mean a lot of restaurants from BBQ to seafood. I haven’t been to many of the restaurants but there is one called hymans seafood. Be prepared to wait because this place is very popular. I have seen plates on the walls that have famous people’s autographs on them. The food is very good.

I don’t want to say anymore because you have to go and see this place for yourself.

It is raining and getting cold. 

I will see you all tomorrow!!!😊😊😊


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