Reading dog book review

Hiya lovelies!! How are you all today? I am doing ok. Dang cramps are bothering me and all kinds of mood swings. And it messes with your body. (Sorry men that follow me). Don’t like it don’t follow.

I have found a new book subscription box and I am in love. It is called Reading dog. I have never heard of this until I was on Facebook ( yes I have an account no you can’t have it) some things I like to keep personal. Anyways found it on there and thought I ought to try this because I wasn’t really impressed with bookish box. I got my box a couple of weeks ago and here it is

This is the before pic. Here is what was inside

Isn’t the stuff cute!!! I have not read the book yet because I am waiting for summer break to get here. Have any of you read it? Is it good? There was also loose leaf tea which I will try. The green looking flower on top you put in the ground and it is suppose to sprout flowers. The tube looking things are honey for the tea. I also got a bookmark and two cute mini posters. I am definitely keeping this one and I canceled bookish.

How is the weather your way? We are going into blackberry winter. It will only be 55 on Friday and 57 on Saturday. Then it suppose to warm up again hopefully!!

We get the baby puppy next weekend!!! 😊 😊 😊 she has grown a lot.Will show a picture tomorrow.

Take care everyone and I will see you all tomorrow!!!


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One thought on “Reading dog book review”

  1. I’m not into the subscription boxes, as I never know what to do with all the stuff I don’t like. A bookish box (especially with tea!) sounds like it could hit the spot. Thanks for the review.


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