Random things

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are doing well. I am doing ok. Having the Sunday blues because it’s raining and no sun!!

We have our visiting dogs with us and they are so much fun. I only have a picture of of one of them with bailey. The other one I haven’t got a picture of yet.

Her name is millie and she is baileys sister. She was the runt in the family. Sorry for moms leg being in the way and she is drinking her smoothie.

Millie is the one on the right. She is a real sweetie!! Here is another picture!!

They are constantly playing if they aren’t we think somethings wrong with them or they are asleep. Lol!! We get the new puppy in 20 more days I can’t wait. Once we get her then we will have 5 dogs in the house when we have to doggie sit again.lol!!

This is mugsy!! He is old and can’t see or hear very well. But he is a real sweetie also

I went to Kmart today and was looking around at some clothes. I am telling you all it looked like a bunch of older people’s clothes ( no offense to any of my older followers) I did find a top that is (to me boho looking) I will have to wear it for you all to see what it looks like. I did find some cool looking pillows.

Oh my gosh I about had a fit. The only problem was I didn’t have my card with me. If I had had it I would have gotten me a few.

It is 48 degrees and rainy I can’t believe it turned cold again. It will get warm again 

I can’t believe it is almost May!! Time flies

Thank you all for the likes, follows, and visitors 

See you all tomorrow!!


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once you get to know me either you will love me or hate me

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