Luxury lane soap review

Hi everyone!! I hope you are doing good!! It is finally almost the weekend!! I love the weekends!! 

Today I am giving a review on a place I found on instagram. It is called luxury lane soap. As you all know I was looking for handmade organic/cruelty free and I found a few on etsy. But I also found this and I like it.

First off is the owl soap. I lIke this because it smells like chocolate coffee.

Second is the body lotion. It’s name is ginger fizz. It smells like ginger ale.

Next is the cinnamon roll aromatic oil diffuser. I love the way this smells and can be used anywhere in your house.

Next is the pure fragrance in pink sugar. I for one did not like this. It is very strong and I have a sensitivity to certain smells and get a headache. 

The little bunny bag had a Pusheen soap in it. Totally cute!!

My other soaps that I got from etsy are coming soon.:):):):):)

I am going to get a rainbow unicorn coffee mug. You all wait and see!! Lol

Tomorrow is April first!! I can’t believe it. I DO NOT CELEBRATE APRIL FOOLS!! It is beyond stupid and ridiculous!!!

We had some severe thunderstorms last night and didn’t hardly sleep. i can’t stand when I don’t sleep good.

Thank you all so much for the likes, follows,and visitors 

See you all tomorrow!!



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