I have a confession to make!!!

Good afternoon my friends. I hope you are doing well and are having a good week so far. Thank goodness tomorrow is hump day!!! It has been a slow two days for me. Lol!!

Yes I have a confession to make. I like creepy dolls. Not the ones that you see that look like something out of a horror movie.I should have put it in with my get to know me better but didn’t. Here is my little collection.

The black one and the one right beside it rattle when you shake them. The one on the left is made of straw ( I think) the baby is just falling apart it looks like lol!! I have a few that I would like to get on etsy. But not right now. 

I had to reschedule my appointment with my doctor about my heart. I don’t know what it is with doctors offices. It’s kind of like the mail thing they are screwy too. Lol!!

We had a thunderstorm last night. I use to not like thunderstorms but I have gotten use to them.

My dog is staring at me and I don’t know why. She has food, water, went out to potty. She is weird lol!!

My soap came in and I love it. I will give a review tomorrow!!

I will say bye for now. Thank you for the likes, visitors and follows.


Author: stacysbeautyandfunblog

once you get to know me either you will love me or hate me

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