The things I got in the mail

Good morning friends!!! Today is FRIDAY!!! I am so happy. Now I just have to get through the work day and I will be ok. Lol!!

I am sorry that I didn’t do this yesterday. I was just so tired and didn’t feel like doing anything.

As you know my things came on Wednesday.  Here they are

In no way am I affiliated with the company that I bought these from. But I do recommend you looking online and compare prices.

I bought these from a company called Swanson health products. I was looking for things that were organic, cruelty free,or vegan. And I found these.

The toms toothpaste is 4.50 and it is just like any other toothpaste. It just don’t have all the added stuff in it

The pure basic shampoo is an anti dandruff shampoo. I tried it this morning and don’t know if I really like it yet. I will have to do a few more tries. It is 5.33

Desert essence shampoo for oily hair lemon tea tree. I have not tried this because it says it will lighten colored hair. It is 5.63

Mineral fusion shampoo is for colored treated hair. Have not tried this but I will soon. It is 8.24

The desert essence body wash in coconut I have not tried yet. It is 5.62

The water drops peach mango is to put in your water. I have not tried yet. It is 3.58.

I will update you all once I have tried the ones that I have not tried yet.

The weather here has been good so far today it is 64degrees and sunny. We are suppose to get some rain this weekend. How is the weather where you live?

 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. And I will be on tomorrow with more shenanigans!! 

Thank you to all the followers,visitors and likes it means a lot to me.


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