Hi friends!! Hope you all are doing well and hope you have had a good weekend.

I went to the dreaded woman’s doctor yesterday. I WOULD RATHER HAVE MY TEETH PULLED!! I mean it is beyond gross to me. Anyways she was checking my heart yesterday and she said I have an irregular heartbeat. I said it was just nerves. She said I should go see my regular doctor. So that means I have to put out more money. YIPPEE!! I have no insurance whatsoever. That means I pay for the whole thing upfront. I don’t make that much money. Ugh!!! That’s all I am going to say about that.

My stuff that I told you all about is coming Thursday. I was hoping to have it by tomorrow. Oh well!!!

I am still on the lookout for soaps and lotions. I want the fun stuff not the boring stuff. Know what I mean? 

We ( me and my mom) have officially named the puppy that we are getting. Her name will be bindi sue.

I will be off for a whole week starting April 10th. I am so excited!!

I hope you all have a great day and I will be on again soon.


Author: stacysbeautyandfunblog

once you get to know me either you will love me or hate me

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