I need a new cell phone

Hi everyone!!! Hope you all are doing well. Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of days I had a cold and didn’t feel like writing anything. But now I am getting better.  Today I want to talk abut cell phones. Mine is a Samsung galaxy s6 edge. I took it off the charger which the battery was at 100 % I am not on it while I am at work unless it is an emergency. The battery is at now 47%. I don’t like it. Plus I have had problems with it before.  Like updating my stuff. Then it wouldnt recognized my password. I want to get an apple 7 but have heard that they are not that great. My friend has one and she said she likes hers. I don’t know if I am due for an upgrade yet. I guess I will just have to wait and see.


It was pretty while it lasted as soon as it started it ended. I wanted it to stay so bad. We haven’t had a real good snow since last year. I stayed at home and nursed my cold. And had me some strawberry cheesecake coffee. Oh my gosh friends!!! I am doing a review on this soon. It is so so so good. 

I hope you all are staying warm and hope you have a good night. Talk to you all again soon!!!!


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