I can’t stand to be sick!!!

Hi loves!! Hope you are doing well. I am so glad it is hump day…the only part I don’t like is that I am sick. Either it’s my allergies or I have a cold. It started yesterday and was hoping it was just a one of those days where I feel blah. NOPE!!  It makes me wonder why we get sick anyways and why we have germs on us that causes all this crap. And I get ill with people that I don’t usually get ill at. Ugh!!! I am taking some meds and I hope it goes away soon.

Saturday night we are suppose to snow!!! What!!! They are saying 2 to 3 inches possible. I love the snow!! It’s so pretty coming down.

In 4 weeks I will be out of work for a week!! Yippee!! I don’t know what I am going to do with myself lol!!

I would like your opinion do you like my blog? Is it boring? Does it need more content? Let me know!!

Thank you all for the visits and the follows!!


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