Farmhouse fresh review

Hi everyone!! Hope you are doing well. Today is hump day which means it is almost friday!! We had some rain and thunderstorms today which we needed.

I am going to give a review on a product called farmhouse fresh. I first found this at a bookstore I volunteer in. It had the cute sample me bottles and I tried the Whoopie cream shea butter hand cream. Oh my gosh people it smells so good!!! It has a butter cream smell to it. Kind of like a cake. When you put it on your hands it is smooth and of course your hands smell good. I just got the body lotion and the bar of soap a couple of days ago. I have been on there website and they have tons of stuff you can buy. I will give you the link below.

It is enjoy!!

 I can’t believe it is march already. In two more months I will be turning 40!! I can’t believe it. I want a big party but we will see if I get one. Lol!! Well I am going to go and get some sleep maybe. Take care!!


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