Luxury lane soap review

Hi everyone!! I hope you are doing good!! It is finally almost the weekend!! I love the weekends!! 

Today I am giving a review on a place I found on instagram. It is called luxury lane soap. As you all know I was looking for handmade organic/cruelty free and I found a few on etsy. But I also found this and I like it.

First off is the owl soap. I lIke this because it smells like chocolate coffee.

Second is the body lotion. It’s name is ginger fizz. It smells like ginger ale.

Next is the cinnamon roll aromatic oil diffuser. I love the way this smells and can be used anywhere in your house.

Next is the pure fragrance in pink sugar. I for one did not like this. It is very strong and I have a sensitivity to certain smells and get a headache. 

The little bunny bag had a Pusheen soap in it. Totally cute!!

My other soaps that I got from etsy are coming soon.:):):):):)

I am going to get a rainbow unicorn coffee mug. You all wait and see!! Lol

Tomorrow is April first!! I can’t believe it. I DO NOT CELEBRATE APRIL FOOLS!! It is beyond stupid and ridiculous!!!

We had some severe thunderstorms last night and didn’t hardly sleep. i can’t stand when I don’t sleep good.

Thank you all so much for the likes, follows,and visitors 

See you all tomorrow!!



Today is a sad day

Good evening friends!! I hope you all are doing good!! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! I am so happy!!

A year ago we had to put our beloved toy poodle to sleep. She was not doing very good. She hadn’t eat in two days. Before that she would get up and just start peeing. Plus she couldnt see nor hear. It really really hurt me and my mom terribly that we had to do that.

I miss you sweet girl!!!

I finally got my confirmation about my etsy soap stuff. YIPPEEE!! I guess I am an impatient person!! Lol!!!

We are suppose to get storms later on tonight.

Thank you for the likes,follows and visitors. Will be back tomorrow!!!

Top ten favorite games

Hi everyone!! I hope you have had a wonderful day so far. Today is hump day!!! Happy, Happy, Happy.

I wanted to share my top ten games that I like. These are on Google play.

Badlands:  badlands is an action adventure game. Highly recommended!!

Go fish mystery games: I have played so many of these games they are that fun. They also have hidden object games within the mystery game.

The walking dead: I loved these games because of course the walking dead.

The room: I have played this to many times also lol!! They have the room 2 and 3 also.

Machinarium: This is a story about a robot who is is trying to find his love. Very cute!! Highly recommended.

Angry birds

Plants vs zombies 2 

Cross stitch world: if you like to cross stitch this is the one for you.

Cooking dash

Diner dash

Guess what I saw today at work!! A baby cow!!🐄🐄🐄

it had gotten away from its owner and almost came to the door that I go out of. It’s owners were trying to wrangle it up when I left.

I haven’t got my stuff from etsy yet and it is making me ill. I mean if you want the business at least communicate with the person and let her know at least something. I can understand if there was a death in the family but you also need to let the person know that also. Don’t keep a person hanging.

It has been a beautiful day here the sun is shining and it is 74degrees.

Work wasn’t good today… I will just leave it at that.

I want to thank you that follow me,like my stuff,and visit me it means a whole lot to me!!!

Will see you all tomorrow!!!

I have a confession to make!!!

Good afternoon my friends. I hope you are doing well and are having a good week so far. Thank goodness tomorrow is hump day!!! It has been a slow two days for me. Lol!!

Yes I have a confession to make. I like creepy dolls. Not the ones that you see that look like something out of a horror movie.I should have put it in with my get to know me better but didn’t. Here is my little collection.

The black one and the one right beside it rattle when you shake them. The one on the left is made of straw ( I think) the baby is just falling apart it looks like lol!! I have a few that I would like to get on etsy. But not right now. 

I had to reschedule my appointment with my doctor about my heart. I don’t know what it is with doctors offices. It’s kind of like the mail thing they are screwy too. Lol!!

We had a thunderstorm last night. I use to not like thunderstorms but I have gotten use to them.

My dog is staring at me and I don’t know why. She has food, water, went out to potty. She is weird lol!!

My soap came in and I love it. I will give a review tomorrow!!

I will say bye for now. Thank you for the likes, visitors and follows.

Sodas and why you shouldn’t drink them

Hi everyone I hope you have had a good day so far. Today I am going to tell you about sodas and why you shouldn’t drink them. I have been off the cokes and the Pepsi for almost 2 years. Why? One to lose weight and two I have found various things about soda products and how it can affect your body.

It is not pretty friends. Why are you getting kidney stones? Or why are u getting utis? You have to ask that question yourself. I am no scientist  or a health food guru. I am just trying to help.:)

On to other things. Oh my gosh my soap stuff came in I am so happy. Now I am just waiting on the one from etsy

Guess what you all.I am now officially addicted to rainbow unicorns. Yes I am why I don’t know!! Lol!! I guess it’s because I think they are cute!!!

We had rain last night it was a hard rain. But it eventually stopped. I wish it would rain more because we are in a drought.

Can you believe next week is April!! Holly cow!! That means that it’s getting closer to my b day:):):):):)🎂🎂🎂🎂

I am going to go now. Thank you for the visits, follows,and likes.

Puppy news!!!

Hello everyone!! I hope you all have had a good weekend. Happy mothers day to all the moms in the uk!!:):):)

I have puppy news!!We found out yesterday that the mama doggie had puppies on the 21 and she only had one girl and the rest were boys. How cool is that!! We get to go see her in 3 weeks. I am so excited!! I don’t know when we will get to bring her home. She is solid white. We will name her bindi sue!!

It was raining this morning but it cleared up and now it is cloudy again. 

I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday. I dread Mondays because I know it will be another long boring week.

I think one of my soap things I bought is coming tomorrow. We will wait and see knowing how the post office is it might be the next day. Lol!!

I might unsubscribe one of my subscription boxes. The last time I got the degusta food box I was not pleased. Half the stuff we don’t eat or use. That’s why I have not done a review on them.I will wait on the next box and if it’s not good I won’t buy again. Plus I don’t want to waste my money if we only use half of it.

I hope you all have a good Monday. Thank you for all the likes, visitors, and followers.

Get to know me better

Hello everyone!! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. I am going to tell you all more about here it goes!!!

Born:may 16

Work: I work in a middle school cafeteria. Really hoping to find another job cause this one is not good.

I live in: the mountains of nc

My favorite foods: chinese, Italian, Mexican 

My favorite movies:all pirates of the Caribbean, all hobbit movies,all lord of the rings, the princess bride,wall-e,ratatouille,all chronicles of Narnia, old movies.

Favorite TV shows: the walking dead,killing fields, designated survivor, duck dynasty, planet earth.

Least favorite TV shows: moonshiners,gold rush.

Relationship status: single and I like it

Dogs: 1 her name is brandy and she is a dachshund 

Favorite vacation sites: charleston sc I am telling you all if I had enough money I would live there.

Favorite music: I love 90’s music brings back my younger years lol!!

 I love getting things in the mail instead of junk or bills

I love to color but I am constantly on my tablet so I don’t do it much.

I love handmade things!!!

 I love to shop when I have the money to do so.

Well that’s all I can think about right now. Thank you to the follwers,likes, and visitors.