Instagram helpful hints

Hi everyone!! I hope you are doing well!! I don’t like Mondays never have unless I am!! Anyways here are some helpful hints that might help you on instagram.

If you are getting ready to follow somebody look at there numbers first.look at how many pics and how many people they are following. If they have only 35 pics and 35k followers most likely they have paid for those 35k followers. I don’t trust things like this because if you follow that person they might have followers you don’t want.

I never never never follow anybody that says click on link and you will get more followers. Most likely it has a bug or someone can hack you.

Follow people that have a lot of pics and a lot of followers. Most likely these people are good. And there followers are good.

Do not follow follow people that are private unless you know them as a close friend or relative. People (most of the time are trying to sell you something) or they are not good. 

Me personally I do not follow people that have a lot of selfies. People need to go out and explore the world instead of being so involved in themselves.

That’s all for now on the instagram. I watched the final 6th episode on the walking dead. This negan guy is already getting on my nerves. I think he killed Abraham and I don’t like that. I am hoping that they find a way out of the situation. The weather has been crazy as usual. One day it’s nice and warm and the next it is colder than all get out. I have a few things I am going to share within a couple of days. Thanks for the followers and the visitors it means a lot to me!! ☺ 


Author: stacysbeautyandfunblog

once you get to know me either you will love me or hate me

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