Season 5 episode 16 of the walking dead

Hi everyone!!! I hope you all are having a good weekend!!. Today I am going to talk about the episode I watched last night of the walking dead.  I don’t like the woman (I think she is the mayor ) in this community she seems like a high and mighty person.I think Rick is suspicious about the place that there in and I don’t blame him. After what he went through with the governor and what the governor did to them. I definitely would be if I was in his situation. Michonne likes it there but I am wondering why after what happened to her with the governor.Daryl seems wary of the place also. I can’t believe that noah is now gone Really??? To many of the good people are dieing. If daryl, rick, or Michonne die I am not watching it anymore. Maybe!! Lol!! Really it is to good not to watch. Well that’s what I think about it and I am sticking to it. See you all tomorrow!!!!


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