Instagram helpful hints

Hi everyone!! I hope you are doing well!! I don’t like Mondays never have unless I am!! Anyways here are some helpful hints that might help you on instagram.

If you are getting ready to follow somebody look at there numbers first.look at how many pics and how many people they are following. If they have only 35 pics and 35k followers most likely they have paid for those 35k followers. I don’t trust things like this because if you follow that person they might have followers you don’t want.

I never never never follow anybody that says click on link and you will get more followers. Most likely it has a bug or someone can hack you.

Follow people that have a lot of pics and a lot of followers. Most likely these people are good. And there followers are good.

Do not follow follow people that are private unless you know them as a close friend or relative. People (most of the time are trying to sell you something) or they are not good. 

Me personally I do not follow people that have a lot of selfies. People need to go out and explore the world instead of being so involved in themselves.

That’s all for now on the instagram. I watched the final 6th episode on the walking dead. This negan guy is already getting on my nerves. I think he killed Abraham and I don’t like that. I am hoping that they find a way out of the situation. The weather has been crazy as usual. One day it’s nice and warm and the next it is colder than all get out. I have a few things I am going to share within a couple of days. Thanks for the followers and the visitors it means a lot to me!! ☺ 


Oh to color!!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you all have had a good day. Look at what I got in the mail. Isn’t it just cute!!! I started adult coloring off and on a year ago. It is the most enjoyable thing I have done in years. One day I had gone to sit with my mom while one of the ladies she knows was having knee surgery while in the waiting room a lady was coloring my mom asked her where she got her coloring pencils. It was the boring crayola twisted pencils. I do not recommend these they do not give you much of a color variety. Then I tried noris colour pencils I do not recommend these either same thing as the crayola. And I also tried another coloring pencil with the same results. Then you all I went on ebay and found these. Oh my gosh I opened the box and it wasnt the same boring colors. there is a variety of pencils to color with. They are 30 dollars and I think they offer free shipping. I will no longer look for coloring pencils!! We had a brief rain this morning. Then it cleared up and is cooler and windy. I went out to eat with my dad. It was good to spend time with him. My dog brandy needs her nails trimmed but I can’t do it and it’s a whole different story I will tell you all later. I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!!!

I am tired you all!!

Hi everyone!! Hope you all have had a great day!! Mine was ok. Do you ever get tired of doing the same thing every day?  I mean I go into work and do the same thing every day. And I get bored. Let me tell you all something I want to get out of the this town and explore the world. Go to places I have never been to. Not so much within the usa but international. I love the Asian culture but I also want to see France, africa,London, and the Netherlands. I have only been to charleston sc, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Washington dc. That’s it. I don’t have very much money and I don’t know how to even start traveling. But one can dream right.I am aggravated at carol on twd. She is just not right in the head. neither is morgan. The weather here has been warm today but it is suppose to get cooler during the weekend. I don’t know if it is spring or winter. Lol!! The trees are blooming and the flowers are starting to bud. And it is still February. I hope you all are doing well!!

It’s almost Friday!!!

Hi everyone!!! I hope you all are well. I am so glad tomorrow is friday. Me and the people I work with always are always happy at the end of the week. I watched a movie last night that was totally boring and stupid. It was called the knowing. The main character was Nicolas Cage. It made no sense at all.I would not recommend this movie at all. I am still watching the walking dead. It is very good. I am on the 6th season where they get jesus. And they are going to go fight Tegan. We have had no winter. It has been spring type weather since January. What I am hoping is that we don’t get a blizzard like we did one year. It was awful. We had our freezer things outside because it was so cold. We had a wood stove at the time and we spent most of our time around it. We had no electricity so going to the bathroom was interesting. We had a dog and a cat at the time but they were good.I am getting some subscription boxes soon. I am getting a degusta box, Bookish box, love with food, beautycon box, and a hair one I can’t remember the name of it right now. Well I hope you all have a good day, evening wherever you are.:)

Season 5 episode 16 of the walking dead

Hi everyone!!! I hope you all are having a good weekend!!. Today I am going to talk about the episode I watched last night of the walking dead.  I don’t like the woman (I think she is the mayor ) in this community she seems like a high and mighty person.I think Rick is suspicious about the place that there in and I don’t blame him. After what he went through with the governor and what the governor did to them. I definitely would be if I was in his situation. Michonne likes it there but I am wondering why after what happened to her with the governor.Daryl seems wary of the place also. I can’t believe that noah is now gone Really??? To many of the good people are dieing. If daryl, rick, or Michonne die I am not watching it anymore. Maybe!! Lol!! Really it is to good not to watch. Well that’s what I think about it and I am sticking to it. See you all tomorrow!!!!

What I will be writing about

Hi everyone!!! This blog is going to be about random things. Most of it will be about

The walking dead 

Subscription boxes 

Beauty products 

Things I find online


Adult coloring books or pages

My dog brandy 

Restaurants I love

What I am reading 

Coffee time

Rants ( very few)

The people I love

What I just bought 

TV shows or series that I am watching

That’s all I can think of now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!